New Education Policy 2023: National Education Policy complete information

New Education Policy 2023: NEP, New Education Policy: This is the biggest change in the history of the education world in India, a new education policy has been introduced by the Ministry of Human Resource Management, this new education policy of India has been done under the chairmanship of ISRO chief Dr. Kasturi Ranjan.

What is National Education Policy?

Under the National Education Policy, the policy of education to be held in schools and colleges is prepared and the New National Education Policy 2023 has been launched by the Government of India. Many important changes have been made by the government in the New National Education Policy (NEP). The main reason for making changes in the new education policy is to make India a superpower in global view.

Under the new education policy of India, there will be universalization of education from pre-school to secondary school with 100% GIR in school education by 2030 (Medical and law study is not included), 10+2 pattern follow before new education policy comes Used to be done but with the arrival of this New Education Policy (NEP), the pattern of 5+3+3+4 will be followed, further we will tell you about this pattern in detail.

Features of National Education Policy 2023, NEP

  • With the introduction of the new education policy of India, the Ministry of Human Resource Management will now be known as the Ministry of Education.
  • Education will be universalized under the New Education Policy 2023, under which Medical and Law studies have not been included.
  • Under the earlier education policy in India, 10 + 2 pattern was followed, but now under this new education policy, the pattern of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 will be followed, under which 12 years of schooling will be given along with 3 Years of pre-schooling have also been included.
  • Under the new education policy of India, the student will get a big relief in the sixth grade because vocational training, internship will also be started from the sixth grade.
  • Education till fifth grade will be imparted in Matribhasha or regional language :- That means till fifth grade students can study in their own language only.
  • Earlier, as there used to be streams of Science, Arts and Commerce, under that, students had to study a certain subject, but now such a system has been abolished.
  • Let’s understand by example :- If a student chooses Physics, then he can study Accounts or Arts subjects as well under the new education policy.
  • Students will be given information about computers and applications from the sixth grade, as well as coding will be taught to them.
  • All schools will be digitized
  • All types of content will also be translated into the regional language.
  • Virtual labs will also be developed under the New Education Policy 2023.

National Education Policy 2023

No change was made in the earlier education policy in India for a long time, the information that your grandfather had received, the same information was received by your father and now you will also be studying the same.

It was very important to bring changes in education policy for the development of India and the new education policy has been launched in the year 2020 by the Modi government.

Under this education policy, an attempt has been made to give relaxation and immense benefits in many areas, which will reduce the burden of studies on the students, instead of studying by rote, students will do some learnable studies and play an important role in the development of India.

Objectives of National Education Policy

The main objective of the National Education Policy 2023 (NEP 2023) is to bring revolutionary changes in the education being imparted in India till now, as well as to make India’s education stand at the global level.

As it is the history of our India that the whole world has always been learning from India, similarly making India a superpower in the field of knowledge is also an important objective of New Education Policy 2023, NEP 2023.

Education will be universalized through the National Education Policy, as well as under the National Education Policy 2023, many amendments have been made in the old education policy through the government and some new facilities have also been added.

How will the National Education Policy work?

India’s new education policy will work especially in four phases, using the pattern of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4, student’s education will be taken forward.

Under this new pattern, 12 years of schooling and 3 years of pre-schooling are included. New Education Policy 2023 will be followed by both government and private school institutions.

The 4 phases of the New Education Policy which are as follows:-

  1. Foundation Stage:- In the Foundation Stage children of 3 to 8 years are included, in this stage 3 years of own schooling and 2 years of pre-schooling which includes classes 1 and 2. In the Foundation Stage, students will be taught and focused on the development of language skills and pedagogy.
  2. Preparatory Stage: – Under Preparatory Stage, children from 8 to 11 years old have been included, under the Preparatory Stage, children from class 3 to class five will be included and in this stage, the development of children’s language and numeracy skills is done by the teachers. Will be the objective of Children will be taught in the regional language till the preparatory stage.
  3. Middle Stage: – Under the middle stage, the children of class 6 to class 8 will be included, under the middle stage, the children of class 6 will be taught coding and they will also be provided with vocational training and internship.
  4. Secondary Stage: – Under the secondary stage, children from class 9 to class 12 have been included, under the secondary stage, as children used to take science, commerce and arts earlier, this facility has been abolished, for the secondary stage Under this, children will be able to take the subject of their choice and will be able to study further.
    Understand from example: If the child wants to study commerce with science or arts with commerce, then it will also be allowed.

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