LPG Subsidy: Get Rs 79-237; Check whether you are eligible or not?

LPG Subsidy: Making drastic changes in the rule of LPG subsidy, the bank said that now LPG gas subsidy will not go to the bank account of those people who do not have a minimum balance of ₹ 3000 in their account.

Recently people had made many complaints to the gas agency due to non-receipt of LPG gas subsidy. There was also a complaint that due to the minimum amount, penalty is also being deducted from their bank account, earlier LPG gas subsidy used to come regularly in the account, but now for a few months due to the minimum amount, LPG gas subsidy is not credited to the account. Does not come and money is also deducted by the banks in the name of penalty.

How to check LPG GAS subsidy?

There are two ways to check subsidy. First is through mobile number registered with Indane, Bharat Gas or HP and second is through LPG ID, this ID is written in your gas passbook. You go to http://mylpg.in/. Enter your 17 digit LPG ID.

How much subsidy is available in Indian Gas 2023?

How much subsidy is received? Customers were given Rs 153.86 on a cylinder of gas, which has been increased by the central government to Rs 291.48. At the same time, under the PM Ujjwala scheme, Rs 174.86 subsidy was earlier given, which has been increased to Rs 312.48.

Here are the steps to check LPG GAS status online?

  • Go to the official page of http://mylpg.in/.
  • Select your LPG service provider and click on ‘Join DBT’.
  • If you do not have Aadhaar number, click on other icon to join DBTL option.
  • Now visit the official website of your preferred LPG provider.
  • A complaint box will open, enter the subsidy status.
  • Now proceed to click on Subsidy Related (Initiatives).
  • Now scroll down to the ‘Subsidy Not Received’ icon.
  • A dialog box will open with two options, i.e. Registered Mobile Number and LPG ID.
  • Enter the 17 digit LPG ID in the space provided on the right.
  • Enter your registered mobile number, punch the captcha code and proceed.
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • After going to the next page, enter your email ID and create a password.
  • An activation link will be sent to the email ID. Click the link.
  • After completing the above process, your account will be activated.
  • Again, login to http://mylpg.in account and mention your bank in the popup window along with Aadhaar card linked to LPG account.
  • After verification, submit your request.
  • Now tap on View Cylinder Booking History / Subsidy Transfer.

What is the rate of GAS subsidy?

Explain that the price of 14.2 kg cylinder without subsidy in Delhi is Rs 834.50 without change, Rs 861 in Kolkata, Rs 834.50 in Mumbai and Rs 850.50 per cylinder in Chennai. Last month i.e. in July, the oil companies had increased the price of domestic cooking gas cylinder by Rs 25.50.

Why is GAS subsidy not coming?

Now the subsidy amount comes directly to the beneficiary’s account. But if subsidy money is not coming in your account then where can you complain? For your information, let us tell you that you can complain about this on the website of LPG gas provider companies. Or you can also register a complaint by calling toll free number 18002333555

Large number of inactive accounts

The administration had opened a large amount of Jan Dhan accounts, and LPG gas subsidy was also being given in these accounts, but at present many accounts of Jan Dhan have become active, due to which the subsidy of LPG gas has not been received. Due to not reaching the accounts, it gets stuck in the bank itself, here it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your account is active or closed.

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