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India Impact Forum

The India Impact Conference 2020, Mumbai Edition is a well-curated forum that focuses on social impact through CSR, philanthropy, and impact investing. The forum will be place on February 5, 2020, at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Mumbai.

Business executives, CSR heads, board directors, CSR foundations, impact investors, philanthropists, innovators, government agencies, UN entities, and non-profit leaders will attend the summit to discover synergies and co-create solutions.

CSRBOX, the relationships enabler in the social impact area, is hosting the event.

The Forum’s Highlights Includes:

  • Thematic seminars on the effects of education, healthcare, water, the environment, livelihoods, and other issues.
  • Corporate masterclasses on impact communication, staff volunteerism, and CSR/SDG alignment
  • Masterclasses for non-profits on fundraising, narrative, and effective CSR collaborations, communication, employee volunteering, among other topics.
  • Through the exhibition gallery, you can see 30+ unique ideas and significant CSR projects.
  • A chance to meet leaders in the CSR and development sectors.
  • Explore the exhibition gallery to learn about 30+ creative ideas and significant CSR projects.

India Impact Forum For:

  • CSR Directors/Managers, CSR Teams, CSR Foundations
  • Philanthropic, Foundations, Impact Investors, and UN Organizations
  • Non-Profit, Trust, Societies, and iNGOs
  • Government enterprises, start-ups, and for-profit enterprises
  • Consulting and Advisory Firms
  • Technology for Good Products and Services

India Impact Forum