Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update

Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update | Chashni 12th March 2023 Episode Update

Chashni 12th March 2023 Episode Update begins with:

Manav has successfully released a letter of appointment for Chandni.

Chandni is overjoyed after receiving the appointment letter, and she eagerly shares her excitement with everyone.

She proudly wears her uniform as she begins her first day at her desired job.

Raj is shocked when he sees her in the outfit and wonders how a murderer’s daughter can acquire such a job.

Bindu is astonished to learn that Sanjay has fled from the psychiatric hospital.

As Chandni sees Roshni on the phone, she gets second thoughts that Roshni’s buddy Nirali is not her female friend, but rather some ‘Nirala’ who is her lover.

She mistrust her and orders her to reveal the truth while holding her hand.

Chandni walks to the club to retrieve Raunak’s wallet, but he grabs her hand and claims she’s there to meet him, which she ignores.

Roshni spots Chandni in the same club where she was supposed to meet her lover and rushes away.

Chandni is once again perplexed as to where Choti has gone at this late hour.

In the meantime, Roshni is dialing someone when she gets grabbed from behind.

Sanjay, on the other hand, escapes from the trunk of the car and arrives to the Police station, where freshly appointed Chandni observes him.

Chandni is taken aback to see him.

Has Sanjay been acknowledged by Chandni?

What would happen if everyone discovers that Sanjay, the killer, is still alive?

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